Supplements — February 9, 2013 at 12:53 AM

Whey Protein Speeds Recovery From Eccentric Exercise


Whey Protein Speeds Recovery From Eccentric Exercise   supplements    whey protein supplements recovery Great news for those who take whey protein supplements for recovery. We often associate other ingredients like amino acids when it comes to recovery, but the following research finding shows whey protein alone contributes to muscle recovery.

Eccentric exercise (lengthening contractions or negatives) is notorious for triggering muscle injury and delayed-onset muscle soreness. Typically, soreness persists or gets worse and strength and performance decreases for three or more days after training.

Australian researchers found that whey protein supplements (25 grams) reduced muscle soreness and promoted recovery after an intense bout of eccentric exercise. Chemical markers of soreness, such as creatine kinase and TNF-alpha, were not affected by the supplement. Whey protein taken shortly before or after intense weight training increases protein synthesis and prevents protein breakdown, and is a useful supplement to gym rats and power athletes. (Journal Science and Medicine in Sport, 13:178-181, 2010)


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