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Throwback Thursday: Pumping Iron


Throwback Thursday: Pumping Iron   training throwback knowledge    pumping iron arnold There is one all time legend when it comes to bodybuilding and having the perfect physique. That man is Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you google his name you will see pictures of a governor, an actor, and an artist. Why do I say artist? Well, when you look at his physique it looks like an artist sculpted him. Still to this day no one has ever managed to have a physique quite like Arnold’s, but watching the movie Pumping Iron might just get you a little bit closer.

Pumping Iron is a movie documenting professional bodybuilders as they train for Mr Universe and Mr Olympia. Although this documentary profiles many bodybuilders, the main focus is Arnold. Not only does this documentary give you a closer look at how
Arnold trained, but it also showed you his tough mental side.

Even though this documentary is entertaining and motivating, it also serves as an educational piece about life. Arnold describes in one scene about the death of his father, and this was at the same time that he was training for Mr. Olympia. He said that his mother wanted him to come home for his fathers funeral, but Arnold didn’t go. He had tunnel vision on his goals and he wouldn’t even let the death of his father distract him from becoming the great one. This tunnel vision is something that lacks in today’s society, where you and I are both sidetracked by responsibilities.

I highly recommend you watch Pumping Iron, and pay close detail to what Arnold is saying, because he can teach you a lot about achieving your goals.

Throwback Thursday: Pumping Iron   training throwback knowledge    pumping iron arnold















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