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Throwback Thursday: Olympic Style…


If you are a Canadian, as well as a hockey fan, the 2010 olympics was your year. During these games the Canadian men’s ice hockey team beat the US men’s hockey team in overtime to win the gold medal.

How did this game go down?

  • Jonathan Toews scored the first goal of the game for team Canada off a giveaway.
  • Corey Perry scored the second goal of the game for team Canada off a drop pass right in front of the US goal.
  • Ryan Kesler, from the Vancouver Canucks, scored for team USA on Roberto Luongo, also from the Vancouver Canucks, to make the score USA 1-2 Canada
Throwback Thursday: Olympic Style...   throwback    olympics ice hockey

Zach Parise scores.

30 seconds left in the game,

The puck is in Canada’s end,

Team USA has Control of the puck,

25 seconds left in the game,

The puck was shot at the net by Patrick Kane,

It stayed out,

But Zach Parise got the rebound,


Every Canadian that moment went silent. The score was now USA 2-2 Canada, and the third period just ended… Overtime started and you could see Sydney Crosby was hungry.

He attacked the net at the 12:30 mark in overtime but couldn’t score,

Throwback Thursday: Olympic Style...   throwback    olympics ice hockey But he didn’t give up,

Het got his rebound.

Then a quick little give and go.

Syd The Kid scored in overtime for team Canada making the final score Canada 3 – 2 USA.

Right after this goal you could hear people cheering all over Vancouver BC, and we as a nation knew that we won Canada’s game in our house in front of our fans. Now we’re on a different continent, in front of different fans, with many hungry nations wanting that gold medal in the sport of ice hockey. We have a team with old and new faces all ready to go out and bring home the gold.

So how do we do that? We play our game.

We start Thursday February 13th at 9am PST against team Norway

Support the Canadian men’s hockey team on our road to the gold.

Here are the highlights from the 2010 gold medal game.

Here is the sound of Vancouver when we scored the game winning goal from outside the arena.

Lastly, here is a pump up video for the 2014 mens Canadian hockey team for the Sochi Olympics. Prepare to get amped up!!!



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