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Throwback Thursday: Jack3d


Do you remember the original concentrated preworkout? The one that got you focused, gave you energy like never before, gave you great strength gains and pumps, gave you tunnel vision, that perfect in the zone feeling and couldn’t be brought out of it. Throwback Thursday: Jack3d   throwback    preworkout jack3d Do you remember feeling unstoppable, unbeatable, like a machine, where you could go out and accomplish anything whether it be in the gym or in life?

Ladies and Gentlemen, for this installment of throwback thursdays, I want to talk to you about the original jack3d by USP Labs! Jack3d was a preworkout that got people going. Still to this day people are searching for it because it was that good. It was a simple formula. It had 1,3-Dimethylamylamine also known as gerainium extract, creatine monohydrate which is the oldest creatine form and longest tested version that has been giving athletes great strength for decades, and arginine alpha-ketoglutarate which will give you the same pumps as Gaspari’s SuperPump 250 as well as the same pump from pumping iron!

So what happened? Where is Jack3d today? Well unfortunately due to formulation restrictions the original formulation of Jack3d could not be sold anymore.

I did have the chance to try this preworkout and it was awesome! The reason for that is because you got insane focus. Usually when your under a heavy bar like a squat or on the bench or even above a heavy bar like a deadift it is easy to let your mind get the best of you and you get sidetracked or start thinking about quitting and you don’t get that last rep. Throwback Thursday: Jack3d   throwback    preworkout jack3d Thats why the team and USP Labs made that original jack3d formulation. They didn’t want you to be sidetracked anymore and miss those last reps. They wanted you to get JACKED!

What’s happened since then?

So what evolved from this? There was a jack3d micro which was somewhat popular but it still wasn’t the same. Now, USP Labs came out with a jack3d advanced that has been selling out of every store that its entered. This is because the USP Labs team has used a blend of old and new technology to bring back the same feeling of the original jack3d but made it better!

Throwback Thursday: Jack3d   throwback    preworkout jack3d

So even though the amazing old jack3d is gone, we have a new jack3d to look forward to.

You know what that means?

Stop reading this and go get Jacked!





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