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Throwback Thursday: Halodrol By Gaspari


First off this Throwback Thursday is about the Canadian Halodrol Liquid Gels by Gaspari Nutrition, not the other pro-hormone version or American version.

Throwback Thursday: Halodrol By Gaspari   throwback    throwback

Halodrol by Gaspari Nutrition.

Two days into Halodrol I felt like I got hit by a bus. My whole body was sore and aching and I was trying to figure out why. I know I had a great workout, but not being able to move the next day? Seven days into trying Halodrol, my strength was through the roof, I felt great, I had a great appetite and never felt bloated after I ate, my muscles felt full, and I was insanely motivated to workout all day every day.

Why did I feel so amazing?

Halodrol by Gaspari had an Arachidonic Acid formula which was the main ingredient that made working out so amazing.

What is Arachidonic Acid?

Arachidonic Acid is a poly-unsaturated-fatty-acid that is important for adaptation to exercise and muscle growth and recovery. The Halodrol formulation essentially caused inflammation so your muscles would tear easier and also grow faster, which basically means you would be getting muscle growth at a much faster rate. Not only does Arachidonic Acid help grow muscles, but it is also great for the brain and also helps boost testosterone.

The results I saw with Halodrol were mind boggling and I could not believe how strong, lean, and muscular I got in such a short period of time, and also my recovery was through the roof. I was able to work out twice, if not three times a day. Furthermore I was eating an insane amount and not putting on any fat, just fuller more dense muscle!

So I guess you are now thinking “where can I get Halodrol?” I’m sorry but you can’t. It’s long gone… Gaspari lost the rights to Arachidonic Acid and was no longer able to make this product.

So what gives you the same results? Well, Hemodraulix by Axis Labs is a close second.

Throwback Thursday: Halodrol By Gaspari   throwback    throwback

Hemodraulix by Axis Labs

I’ve used this product a few times and have been extremely pleased with my results. Even though this formula isn’t exactly the same, I did notice a few things:

  • Major strength increase
  • Able to put on lean mass quickly with no fat gain
  • Bigger appetite
  • Huge pumps
  • Faster recovery
  • Deeper sleeps at night

If you haven’t tried this product I highly recommend it!

- Remy


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