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Taking Preworkouts while you are sick


Here we go again, the alarm clock goes off, you have a plugged nose, sore throat, sore muscles, and you just feel terrible. You thought flu season was over, but you get slapped with being sick.

Taking Preworkouts while you are sick   supplements knowledge    pre workout What do you do now?

Well you most likely call in sick to work, lay in bed all day, eat crackers and ginger ale, or maybe even chicken noodle soup, and just pray you will get better soon.

What’s the problem here?

First, you most likely got sick because your immune system became weak due to an environmental or nutritional stressor.

Second, you choose to lay around an environment filled with germs.

Third, you chose to eat foods that will keep you sick and reduce the chances of a speedy recovery. So if this is the wrong thing to do, what are your options?

Number 1: Mind Over Matter (MOM, will take care of you)

How does mind over matter relate to you? If you refuse to think sick, then your body will recover faster. This doesn’t mean avoid rest, but this means don’t get in that sick weak mindset. The body is strong, and will follow a strong mind. If you think positive and get back to your daily routine you will recover a lot faster then laying around.

Number 2: Choose The Right Fuel

Chicken noodle soup has been the go to food for sick people for centuries but is that really what we should be eating? NO!

Choose immune boosting foods and drinks. What are these foods?

I love nutrient dense salads or juices with spinach, turmeric, kale, chard, apple cider vinegar, garlic, and healthy fats. Furthermore I love eating wild caught fish when I’m sick because it’s rich in omega 3 fatty acids which boost the immune system and reduce inflammation.

My go to drink when I’m sick is home made lemon ginger tea with some raw honey and some extra virgin coconut oil. All these foods and ingredients have immune boosting properties that will get you healthy faster and keep you functioning optimally.

Number 3: Sweat It Out

Taking Preworkouts while you are sick   supplements knowledge    pre workout When I’m sick, I love to workout. You must be thinking I’m joking, but guess what, when you get the blood flowing and the muscles contracting and relaxing and you start to sweat your also pumping out the sickness from your body and getting rid of all your germs. This is one great way to detox. You can do this at home by doing a body weight circuit or yoga, or you can go to the gym, but if you go to the gym make sure you wipe your stuff down!

Alright so its obvious that there are better things to be doing than eating chicken noodle soup and laying around all day, but you still feel sick and don’t care, you’ve made up your mind and your staying in bed…

Well to be honest, sometimes I feel the same way too…

That is why I always keep a clean low stimulant amino acid filled preworkout in my bedside drawer. If ever I’m feeling sick and really can’t get out of bed I take a preworkout and get moving. This is because I know staying in bed is counter-productive and is a slippery slope that will lead me to eat poorly and feel even worse at the end of the day. My preworkout gives me the motivation to go and sweat out my sickness, eat healthy for the rest of the day, and think positive about the situation I’m in. I know a lot of you out there think taking preworkouts when you are sick is a terrible idea, but if you get a clean preworkout like Wired by PhD or Power Up by PVL you will be filled with good quality ingredients that will actually help you get better, and will also inspire you to make the right choices that day.

Taking Preworkouts while you are sick   supplements knowledge    pre workout Next time you get sick, give it a shot, but remember, choose a lower stimulant preworkout and one with good quality ingredients.





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