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PVL Iso Gold review


Protein is crucial to a healthy diet, and the amino acids of protein are the foundation of muscle building. Food is always the best source of protein, but our busy lives don’t always allow for the time to cook and prepare quality protein meals to have throughout the day. A good supplement can give you key nutrients, quickly.

I like consuming protein in liquid form immediately following training. It’s easier and faster to get into your system than a food meal, and usually provides you with just the protein calories so you avoid additional unwanted calories from other food sources. The protein supplies your body with amino acids (including BCAA’s) and other nutrients, so that you have the fuel necessary for muscle development, and the support for increased recovery time.

One of my favourite protein supplements is Iso Gold by PVL. It’s a high quality isolate protein that has been researched, tested and athlete approved, and tastes great! Here is my PVL Iso Gold review.

Ingredient Profile – 10/10PVL Iso Gold review   whey protein reviews

PVL Iso Gold is a premium isolated whey protein providing 27 g of protein per scoop. Glutamine, BCAA’s (in a 2:1:1 ratio) and EAA’s combine to make up just over half of each scoop (14 g). Their CFM (cross flow microfiltered) and cold-dried whey isolate provides a high percentage of clean, pure protein. ActiNOS, their arginine-peptide rich whey protein hydrolysate, is¬†highly bioavailable¬†and is absorbed quickly by the body. It increases nitric oxide levels and pumps nutrients directly into muscles. PVL Iso Gold is essentially lactose, carbohydrate, fat and cholesterol free. Though isolate and hydrolysate proteins are already easier to digest and rarely cause intestinal problems, Iso Gold also includes lactose reducing enzymes and a probiotic bacterial culture to further aid digestion.

Mixability – 9.5/10

For convenience sake, it’s nice to be able to just add water, shake, and drink. PVL Iso Gold mixes up pretty well in a simple shaker cup, no blender necessary.

Taste – 10/10

The traditional chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours of PVL Iso Gold are all quite good. However, the new peanut butter chocolate flavour is amazing! This is the best peanut butter protein I’ve tried!

Effectiveness – 9.5/10

PVL Iso Gold works really well for me. It has a good amount of protein, with negligible carbohydrates/sugars, and low cholesterol, which has helped me build lean muscle. It contains a healthy amino acid profile that replenishes my muscles after training, and helps reduce recovery time so that I can get back into the gym sooner, and stronger. When I take Iso Gold, I feel energized throughout my day. I’m not lactose intolerant, but I am sensitive to lactose, and Iso Gold has never upset my digestive system.

Overall – 9.75/10

PVL Iso Gold is a great versatile protein. Add a scoop or two to water for a post-workout refueling, or to your morning shake with almond milk, half a banana, ground flax, etc, for a nutritious breakfast. Your body will absorb this high quality protein quickly, resulting in faster recovery, increased protein synthesis and muscle building, all while supporting your immune and digestive systems. Iso Gold may seem a bit expensive, but I believe you get what you pay for, and I find good value in this product!


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