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PureForce Nutrition PumpForce


PureForce is a relatively new company in the supplement and nutrition industry promoting 100% Banned Substance Free, which is great for natural athletes knowing the can rely on a product that wonder make the fail a test. I was looking for a pump product while taking a break from my normal pre-workout powders, trying to give my body a break from stimulants. I came across PumpForce and decided to give it a shot!

Ingredient Profile

PumpForce rely’s on only two ingredients to deliver its powerful pump. The first ingredient is Pharmaceutical Grade Agmatine Sulfate at 500mg per two capsules. Agmatine Sulfate helps the breakdown of L-Arginine in the body which will lead to better and longer lasting muscle pumps. Agmatine is said to be one of the most effective supplements to increase the Nitric Oxide in the body.

The next and final ingredient is HICA (alpha-hydroxyisocaproic acid) 750mg per two capsules.HICA is an isolated metabolite of leucine. HICA  has been shown to decrease muscle soreness and increase lean muscle mass.


I’m not a huge fan of taking pills but PumpForce isn’t too bad. They’re not too large, not like Mutant Pump, you take on training days 1-2 in the morning the 1-2 30 minutes before your workout session. There are 40 servings per container, so about 1 month supply if you workout 5 days a week.


PumpForce worked right away the the first time I took it. My pumps were insane some of the best I have gotten from a supplement, and it gave me some crazy vascularity too , my veins were jumping out of my arms! This also helped me keep my pump longer than I normally do ( generally for some reason I loose mine very fast), but with PumpForce I was able to maintain it much better. I also noticed that the HICA did help reduce my muscle soreness, I haven’t been as tender as I normally am. I ran this product for a full month and I can say it works just as good from start to finish, your pumps don’t decrease at all which is fantastic!


PumpForce is a great product, I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a stimulant free pre-workout or if your a natural athlete looking to achieve a good pump but worried about the ingredients, PureForce provides Banned substance free products. Also I always cycle on and off my pre workout powders because I like to back off the stimulants, this is a great product to run during your break. Go check out PureForce PumpFore on Supplements Canada website!


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