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Pro Supps Mr Hyde review


Are you looking for a new pre-workout that will help you shatter your previous personal records or push you through your training plateaus? Look right here! Pro Supps has brought you Mr. Hyde, the evil to their Dr. Jekyll. Evil in a good way. Mr. Hyde is high in stimulants, contains high-powered thermogenic compounds, has a solid dose of creatine, and uses the novel pump agent agmatine sulfate. Here is my Pro Supps Mr Hyde review.

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The major players in Mr. Hyde are very effective at giving you tons of energy and intensity, and great pumps. Beta-alanine is at 2500mg so you can definitely feel it at work though for some it may be a little strong. Creatine HCl is 1000mg which is a proper pre-workout dose for this type of creatine. There are 3 forms of caffeine providing you with a very high stimulant level of 419mg per scoop. Agmatine sulfate is properly dosed for intense pumps coming in at 500mg. L-leucine and L-citrulline malate are both at 500mg. I’d prefer more L-leucine but at least there’s some. Synephrine, octopamine HCl and dendrobium work together to create a potent, high-powered thermogenic blend.


Recommended use is one scoop with 8 oz of cold water 15-30 minutes prior to training. It mixed up well with just a few bits left over. My entire tub of Mr. Hyde was hard and clumpy when I bought it which was a little frustrating at first, but after the initial breaking apart I just gave it a good shake before each use and it was fine.


Pro Supps Mr. Hyde is available in blue raspberry, watermelon and fruit punch. I picked up the watermelon. It smells better than it tastes, but the taste is decent, and I don’t use pre-workouts for their taste anyway.


Mr. Hyde provides energy and more energy. On just one scoop it never failed to give me a huge boost and consistently pushed me through workouts regardless of when I went to the gym, how long I was there, or how I felt before taking Mr. Hyde. I like strong stimulants and can usually handle them without issue, but there were a few times I experienced some crash after training. Since it was so inconsistent and rare I doubt it was from Mr. Hyde alone, but possibly a combination of Mr. Hyde with other caffeine sources consumed throughout the day. Pumps on Mr. Hyde are great. I feel I get better results from agmatine sulfate than from other nitric oxide products. My muscles swell a bit but mostly they get nice and hard. Awesome!


Pro Supps Mr. Hyde is definitely a pre-workout formulated with stim-junkies in mind. Energy is the focus, and pump is secondary but still really good. Mr. Hyde contains a few of my favourite ingredients: Creatine HCl, L-Leucine, Agmatine Sulfate. The creatine and agmatine are in decent doses, but I feel the leucine is a bit low. Not a huge deal since I usually supplement with extra leucine anyway because it’s such a key player in muscle building. I like and respect that Pro Supps doesn’t hide ingredient details in proprietary blends. Amounts are all laid out so you know exactly what you are taking. Mr. Hyde is great value for the money. One scoop does the trick each and every time so you truly will get 40 servings per container (or more if the stims are a bit too much and you choose to do a little less than a full scoop). Mr. Hyde was great on it’s own, but stacking it with Pro Supps Dr. Jekyll could be killer! You’d get the stimulants from Mr. Hyde and the intense pumps from Dr. Jekyll, as well as twice the leucine and creatine! Sounds like a wicked stack to me!



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