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Pro Supps products and supplements aren’t easy to find in Canada so when I got my hands on one of their pre-workouts, Dr. Jekyll, I couldn’t wait to put it to the test. Dr. Jekyll is an anabolic pre-workout supplement that really focuses on supporting your nitric oxide pathways without having a high stimulant base. Here is my Pro Supps Dr. Jekyll review.

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Dr. Jekyll contains a number of blends that support muscles, nutrient transport, and pump. The Endurance Complex is loaded with 3g of beta alanine and histidine to help increase exercise potential, increase maximal power output, and buffer lactic acid build-up which will delay muscle fatigue. The Amino Matrix combines L-leucine and HMB which support anabolic muscle development, decrease muscle breakdown, and aid in recovery. Creatine HCl is the Strength Matrix that will keep your muscles energized and help you build strength and size. There is only 100mg of caffeine and 50mg of pikatropin in the Energy and Focus Matrix. This combination will give you clean energy and pin-point focus, delaying muscle and mental fatigue but with low stimulant. The muscle-swelling, vein-popping Pump Matrix consists of glycerol monostearate, L-citrulline malate, agmatine sulfate and L-norvaline. These ingredients combine to support nitric oxide production, aid nutrient partitioning (directing calories towards muscles to be utilized for energy instead of stored in the body as fat), delay dehydration, enhance performance, and reduce fatigue.


Dr. Jekyll mixes up fairly well with the stir of a spoon, but a shaker blender is better if you don’t want a tiny bit of residue left behind.


I have the watermelon flavour and it is really good! Not too strong or too sweet. I’m not a fan of fruit punch (the only other flavour I have seen in Canada) in general so I’ll stick with watermelon when I get Dr. Jekyll again in the future.


I had great results with Dr. Jekyll. Just enough good, clean energy, and great mental focus that lasted my entire workout. My pumps were insane! My muscles felt nice and full and my strength noticeably increased. Dr. Jekyll also really improved my stamina and supported me through workouts by keeping my muscles fueled and delaying mental and physical fatigue. The support continued long after training with improved recovery.


I always like giving my body a break from super-stimulated supplements. Pre-workouts seem to be getting more concentrated and more stimulant based. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good caffeine kick to give me a crazy workout. However, I also love feeling intense muscle pumps that just make me big and strong, and feeling like I can go forever because my body isn’t going to crash. That’s how I feel on Pro Supps Dr. Jekyll. It’s such a versatile supplement too. I can take it at anytime of the day since the caffeine isn’t at a level that’s not going to let me sleep, and I can take it before any of my various workouts. It gives me awesome pump for lift days, and long-lasting energy and endurance for the days that I box or play sports.


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