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PhD WIRED Review


PhD WIRED Review   supplements pre workout supplement reviews    supplement review pre workout supplement phd wired phd nutrition This is a complete hands-on PhD WIRED review. Before I get to the ingredients I must say I like the minimalist package design and the clean look it has. PhD Nutrition is a British-based company and everyone in the UK seems to be buying and using the WIRED and many other high-quality supplements from them.

It’s a bit more economical than some other preworkout supplements. This supplement canada store carries the preworkout with 60 servings and it is sold for $49.95 so it’s roughly 83 cents per serving. Let’s get on to the supplement review on this preworkout.


Ingredient Profile – 9.5 / 10

PhD WIRED has 3 proprietary ingredient systems (7,200 mg). Let me enumerate them first and we will cover one thing at a time.

  1. Plasma NO-Activation System

  2. Energy and Focus System

  3. Sustainability System

Plasma NO-Activation System

This matrix contains creatine called Creatine Magnesium Chelate. I do like their choice of CMC, which is a form of creatine bonded to the well-known mineral called magnesium. This brings a multitude of benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Quicker and easier absorption of creatine by the muscle mass
  • Better absorption results in less creatine converted to waste
  • Cell muscles retains more water
  • Reduction of the unwanted side effects such as diarrhea, stomachache, bloating and gas formation

Combining that with L-Citrulline Malate and Arginine is an obvious yet smart choice. These ingredients help ramp up NO (Nitric Oxide) increasing blood flow for increased oxygen delivery to muscles. Arginine, called the “magic bullet” by Columbia University, is the body’s chief source for creating NO. And Arginine AKG is used in WIRED – AKG is a natural molecule in the body that transports amino acids and also increases NO production and enhances blood flow. All this is believed to better delivery of oxygen and nutrients to working muscles. Many users of these ingredients report that they experience increased workout intensity, focus, muscle pumps and vascularity.


Energy and Focus System

L-Tyrosine is included in the matrix. People take tyrosine to improve mental alertness, focus and concentration.
I’m not sure about the next one, though – Oleuropein Aglycone. I know what it is – it’s a polyphenol component in olive oil and it has often been associated with a lower incidence of coronary heart diseases and some types of cancer in the Mediterranean area. The label indicates it’s from olive leaf extract. How this is linked to the focus boosting system, I’m not certain. You’ll have to ask the PhD folks and I’m sure they’ll be glad to give you sufficient explanation. Lastly, there’s an inclusion of USP-Grade Caffeine Anhydrous. This would be a powerful jolt of pharmaceutical grade caffeine to spike your energy level to pump you up through workout.


Sustainability System

Brilliant choice on the part of PhD Nutrition when it comes to sustained energy. AstraGin is a proprietary formulation consisting of panax notoginseng and it has been demonstrated in various studies to significantly improve and promote the absorption of many amino acids, glucose, and vitamins. In other words it acts as a great nutrient uptate enhancer. Panax notoginseng is a natural perennial herb belonging to the same genus as Asian ginseng. It is primarily grown in Japan and China, and is known for its ability to reinvigorate the body and build blood.


Mixability – 9 / 10

PhD WIRED mixes very well, no issues. I don’t have to use a blender, I just use a shaker and when you stir well everything dissolves in water.


Taste – 9.5 / 10

PhD WIRED comes in three flavors – Raspberry Lemonade, Tropical, and Watermelon. All of them taste well but especially tropical tastes great! Another favorite flavor is Watermelon.


Effectiveness from Using PhD WIRED – 10 / 10

I weigh 210 lbs, so I followed the suggestion to graciously use 2 scoops and mix it with 500 mL of water. I usually start my workout 15 minutes after I take any supplements and when I take the Wired, I am ready to pounce on the weights LOL. I’ve got to do my warm-up so I keep saying to myself “be patient”, and I have to admit it has been very challenging. So that means it gives me right off the bat a STEADY flow of pump, energy, and mental focus. And to this date the Wired has given me no jitters. Now, keep in mind, though, that AAKG may cause some nausea among some users. It has never affected me personally.


Overall – 9.5 / 10

PhD WIRED is a solid, concentrated preworkout supplement. If you are looking for a steady surge of energy and focus, then I highly recommend it.


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