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Mutant Mayhem review


I’m usually a fan of Mutant products so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their all new uncensored pre-workout madness known as Mutant Mayhem! Designed to deliver muscle growth, strength, power and intensity, I had to get into the gym and put it to the test. Here is my Mutant Mayhem review.

Ingredient Profile – 9/10Mutant Mayhem review   reviews pre workout supplement reviews

Each serving of Mutant Mayhem contains 18,000 mg of the Mayhem Proprietary Blend. These are the 3 main complexes:

Power Strength Complex (11,000 mg) – Here you have your clean, diet-friendly carbohydrates from the waxy maize. You also get various forms of creatine, arginine, beta-alanine, aspartic acid, and citrulline malate for energy, stamina and pump. MCTs from fractionated coconut oil will provide you with thermogenic energy. This complex will also aid in ammonia and lactic acid removal.

Hyper-Stim Matrix (2,960 mg) – Including taurine, tyrosine, and caffeine, this complex provides stimulants for explosive energy and intense focus.

Lactic Acid Buffer Blend (975 mg) – This blend offers some ingredients and minerals that further reduce lactic acid build-up.

Mixability – 9/10

When used as directed, Mutant Mayhem mixed pretty well. 1 scoop in 8-12 oz of cold water, 15 minutes prior to training.

Taste – 8/10

Mutant Mayhem is available in 3 flavours – electric blue raspberry, green apple crush, and fruit punch frenzy. The green apple crush is pretty good, and I preferred it to the electric blue raspberry. I haven’t tried the fruit punch frenzy yet.

Effectiveness – 8/10

Mutant Mayhem is a good pre-workout. It gave me clean energy, which means I didn’t get jittery when using it, and I also didn’t experience any crash after. My focus and intensity were raised enough so that I could power through my workouts. It definitely helped on my sluggish days! I felt some increase in vascularity and pump when taking Mutant Mayhem. The areas I worked out felt fuller and more energized. I liked that I was less limited from lactic acid build-up during my lifts.¬†All in all, I felt some improvement in all vital areas that this pre-workout addresses.

Overall – 8.5/10

Nothing became super intense from Mutant Mayhem, as the product may suggest, so if you’re looking for a crazy stimulant-based pre-workout, this probably isn’t the one for you. However, if you want to feel more focused and energized while training, and have controlled intensity as you gain strength and muscle, then I would give Mutant Mayhem a try! It does everything well, just not to the extreme. If you like Mutant Mayhem but feel you need some more pump in your workout, try stacking it with Mutant Pump. I’m sure that would be a wicked combination!


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