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Isatori Isa-Test GF review


Testosterone boosters seem to carry a stigma about them. I think some people consider them to be in a similar class as steroids and tend to avoid them because of this false association. There are a lot of natural testosterone boosters available that can help you attain the results you want, you may just have to try a few different ones in order to find the combination of ingredients that works best with your body! I have had great results with Isa-Test GF, and here is my Isatori Isa-Test GF review.

Isa-Test GF has been shown to:Isatori Isa Test GF review   testosterone enhancer reviews reviews

  • Increase Free Testosterone by up to 154%
  • Spike Anabolic Growth Factors by 140% (with Somatrin™)
  • Reduce “female-hormone” Estrogen by up to 43% (exclusive P-450™)
  • Increase Muscle Mass, Strength, and Sexual Drive

Ingredient Profile – 9.5/10

Included in Isa-Test GF is the popular ‘ZMA’ combination – zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. These help with recovery from exercise, maintenance of a healthy immune system, and sleep. In order to maximize absorption, avoid taking with calcium.

Fenugreek has been shown to increase libido and sexual performance, improve training performance, increase testosterone levels, and reduce body fat. It’s also effective at alleviating heartburn and digestive problems.

Tribulus is used to support fertility and rejuvenate the body. It helps to support healthy hormone production (natural testosterone) and male reproductive health.

Eurycoma longifolia is added for it’s aphrodisiac properties; increased sexual desire, enhanced performance and general well-being. E. longifolia has also been shown to reverse the inhibitory effects of estrogen on testosterone production, effectively showing an increase in free testosterone.

Epimedium, commonly known as horny goat weed, also provides aphrodisiac qualities.

Ajuga and Rhaponticum are included to increase the incorporation of amino acids into proteins, thereby increase the working capacity of skeletal muscles.

Grape seed extract provides antioxidants to reduce inflammation and support a healthy body. It is also known to suppress the conversion of testosterone to estradiol (a form of estrogen).

Isa-Test GF also includes 2 exclusive blends. Their P-450 is an anti-aromatase which helps block the production or action of estrogen. Their other blend is Somatrin, which contains nettle root, Macuna pruriens (velvet bean) and melatonin. This combination helps to increase free testosterone, aids in sleep, and promotes anabolic growth factors leading to an increase in muscle mass and strength gains.

Dosing – 9.5/10

Recommended use: As a dietary supplement, take 4 capsules with a full glass of water one hour prior to exercise. On non-training days, take 4 capsules one hour prior to bedtime. Take with or without food. For best results, use continuously for a minimum of 8 weeks.

There are 26 servings per container.

Effectiveness – 9.5/10

Isatori Isa-Test GF is a great testosterone booster! I began seeing results within the first week of taking it, starting with a noticeable increase in energy (most likely attributable to the improved quality of sleep), and a definite increase in sex drive. Within the first week my muscles became more defined, and my arms and chest started to take on more size shortly there after. I didn’t experience any problems with aggression, just a more confident strength. Feeling stronger led to more reps and increased stamina while training. Even with longer, harder gym sessions, my recovery was better and most of the time I was less sore than expected.

Overall – 9.5/10

If you’re looking for a new testosterone booster to try, I found you one! Isatori Isa-Test GF! It has a potent (but safe) formula for increasing testosterone, reducing estrogen, and spiking anabolic growth factors, resulting in increased muscle mass, strength gains, and an enhanced libido. You will sleep deeper and train harder. Isa-Test GF is one of the more expensive test boosters I’ve tried, but I feel it’s worth it. I recommend trying it for 4-8 weeks. Just make sure you break for at least 4 weeks before going for round 2!


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