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How to Get Thick Arms


How to Get Thick Arms   training    Thick and crazy big arms with perfectly curved biceps and triceps is desired by almost every man. And we know that building such a physique is not an overnight affair. You have to be regular with the workout program, irrespective of whether you are doing it at home or at a gym. This post hopefully addresses your questions on how to get thick arms by means of the exercises and the workout regimen mentioned below. Arm exercises should be focused on overall development of hands that also includes a few shoulder exercises. The workouts are directed mainly towards biceps and triceps, in order to get well shaped arms.

How to Build Thick Arms

So, how to get thicker arms? There are several ways to get thick arms. The first way is to work out with dumbbells (at home or gym), or doing strength training exercises. The second is performing some stretching workouts at home, geared by good warm up exercises. The following sets of exercises, listed below, truly help in building thicker arms. Have a look.

  • E-Z curls
  • Incline curls
  • Preacher curls
  • Lying cable curls
  • Hammer curls
  • Chin up bar workout
  • Parallel Bar Dips
  • Bench presses
  • Tricep extensions
  • Reverse curls

How to Get Thick Arms   training    The workout routine elaborated below is meant for beginners. Practice these exercises regularly, with the help of your fitness trainer, for effective results.

Workout for Biceps

Bulging biceps can be achieved by combining different sets of biceps exercises. You should do the movements very carefully to avoid injuring yourself. Start with a few sets, and then increase as per the requirement of your body. A quick workout scheme is written below.

1. Incline curls: 3 sets of stretching. Incline on your back and do the exercise by lifting the dumbbells. You can also do without dumbbells.

2. Preacher curls: 3 sets of stretching. Sit on preacher bench and lift the barbell with both hands. The same can be done free hand.

3. Chin up bar: 5 times with a strong bar. You have to pull yourself through a chin up bar by holding it tightly. This makes your upper arms strong.

Workout for Triceps

Triceps exercises are different from the biceps exercises. When you are performing any pushing movement, you are actually putting stress on the triceps muscles. Bench press and dips are effective for building triceps. The following exercises, jotted below, if regularly practiced are useful for building well shaped triceps.

1. Triceps extension (one arm): 3 sets of stretching. Position the dumbbell overhead, and lift from the back of your head.

2. Triceps extension (lying down): 3 sets of stretching. The technique is similar to the above exercise, only the posture is different. You have to lie down and then do this exercise.

3. Triceps push down: 2 sets for warm up. Its best done with a triceps push down machine.

4. Triceps dips: Its best done with a help of a bench. Triceps dips are performed by stretching the arms or taking dips from the back while supporting on the bench.

Workout for Arms

How to Get Thick Arms   training    While muscle building, apart from channelizing all you efforts towards biceps and triceps, you need to practice the arm exercises on a regular basis. Forearm workouts are vital for adding strength to your body. The workout routine followed with different exercises should be a part of your week’s program. Alternate them with others to get thicker arms within the desired time period.

1. Hammer curls: 3 sets of stretching (also meant for biceps). Stand upright and lift the dumbbells with one hand at a time.

2. Reverse curls: 3 sets of stretching (also meant for biceps). Best done with a barbell. Strand straight and try to lift the barbell till your chest.

3. Back wrist curls: 3-5 sets of stretching. You have to lift the barbell from back. Hold it with your hands from back and lift it as much as you can.

Workout with Weights

The exercises mentioned above can be practiced either with or without weights. You have to be extremely cautious while working out with weights, to avoid injury. Get the correct forms of weightlifting and dumbbell exercises from your trainer, and practice under his guidance. In this regard you need to first know your body. The weights will depend upon your physical stature and stamina.

Start the exercises with less counts, and increase the time when your body gets accustomed with it. It’s always advised to perform the exercises under the supervision of a trainer, when you are a beginner. This way you shall maintain the correct form of exercising and obtain effective results in a couple of months.


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