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How to Get Shredded Abs


How to Get Shredded Abs   training    Training abs It’s no secret that virtually all men, some ladies as well, want shredded abs. However, getting that washboard look requires determination and effort. The good news is that those who are serious about achieving their goal can certainly get the perfect looking abdomen they so desire. The first step in getting abs lies in body fat reduction. With high levels of body fat percentage, all ab training programs are a mere exercise in futility. Everybody has abdominal muscles; however, if you want yours to show, you need to rid your belly of the layers of fat that obstruct their coming into view. For the best chances of acquiring a six-pack, body fat percentage needs to be at or below 10 percent for males, and at most 13 percent for females.

Reaching these levels requires a combination of a good nutritional program and strength training. The proverbial abs are made in the kitchen certainly does apply. Your diet should be lean and clean and comprised of protein, carbohydrates and healthy, monounsaturated fats such as olives, nuts and peanut butter to name just a few.

Along with a healthy diet, reducing body fat will require some cardio training. Interval training workouts are an effective way to remove body fat at a quicker rate. The training allows your body to continue burning calories long after you’ve completed your set of workout exercises. Once your body fat percentage has been lowered to, or below, the required numbers, it’s time to start working on getting shredded abs. It is strongly advised that you perform a few warm-up exercises prior to starting your workout; otherwise, you run the risk of pulling muscles among other potential injuries. A few minutes on a treadmill or an exercise bike should get your muscles warmed up and your blood flowing to get your body prepared for the day’s workout session. How to Get Shredded Abs   training    Training abs Once warmed up, you can begin your ab training routine. In order to build ripped abs, your routine will need to include a set of different exercises that target both the upper and lower abs. Both sets of muscle groups cannot be worked out via the same exercise. Here are a few exercises that will build both upper and lower abdominal groups and give you the shredded abs of your dreams:

  • Crunches
  • Leg Raises
  • Knee Raises
  • Quarter Crunches
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Obliques
  • Side Crunches

Keep in mind that quality always supersedes quantity. Ensuring that each rep is performed properly will go a long way in getting your abs shaped. If you’re just starting, don’t overdo the workouts as this will cause your abdominal muscles to get sore, which will cause quite a bit of pain. Ease yourself into your routine over the first week or so to give your abs time to adjust. Getting shredded abs is no easy task, especially in the beginning stages of your training. It does, however, become easier as you go. And once your abs begin to protrude, you won’t be able to stop working out. So, stick with it and you will see results.


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