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How to Choose the Best Protein Supplements


How To Pick A Good Protein Supplement

The supplement market is filled with an overwhelming number of protein choices. Finding which one fits your needs best can sometimes be a daunting task. So to make your decision easy the next time you are planning on picking a protein supplement, here is a list of criteria to look for in a good protein supplement.

How to Choose the Best Protein Supplements   supplements knowledge    protein powder

Amino acid content

Good amino content is what makes a complete protein. A complete protein is made up of 21 different amino acids, some more critical than others. At the top of that list are BCAAs, a group of three aminos – leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAAs are essential amino acids meaning that they are required for muscle growth, although they are not produced in the body. They stimulate protein synthesis, the process by which muscle fibers grow, and boost insulin release, which creates the ideal postworkout environment for muscle growth. Second is Arginine which is crucial for stimulating production of nitric oxide (NO), which has numerous vital properties for muscle growth, such as increasing blood flow to muscles to deliver more nutrients, anabolic hormones and oxygen for better recovery and greater muscle protein synthesis. Glutamine is also high on the list because, along with a multitude of other benefits, it keeps muscle protein synthesis high and muscle protein breakdown low. It also boosts growth hormone(GH) levels, making it a great postworkout and before-bed hormone supplement. The amino acid content of every protein brand is listed in the supplement label. Looking into this to help make a decision.

Biological Value

The Biological Value measures how much of a protein’s critical aminos actually make it to the muscles. It takes into consideration the amino acid content of the protein and its digestibility, which ensures the aminos get to muscles. Proteins that meet the amino acid and digestibility requirements for humans get a Biological Value(BV) of 100%. In selecting a protein, look for one that has the highest biological value(BV). The higher the BV, the more effective and better it’s utilized by the body. The BV is listed in supplement label in most protein bottles.

Dose of Protein per Serving

The amount of protein per serving plays a huge role in the type of gain you can expect from a protein supplement. Look at the supplement label before making a final purchase decision. A good protein should provide a dosage per serving of 22 to 30 grams of protein and also contains important BCAAs, glutamine, and arginine.

Taste and Mixability

Flavors of the protein as well as their ability to mix easily in water are also key deciding factors. Most of us won’t tolerate a protein powder if it doesn’t taste good and go down easy. Choose a protein that is highly soluble, meaning it dissolves well in liquids. Make sure that it not only mixes well but also comes in numerous flavors, such as the standard chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

User Ranking and Rating

Most online supplement stores provides rankings and ratings of the best proteins available in the market. Site like have protein brands in the market rated by the users based on several criteria including the ones mentioned above. Use these ratings to save time and pick the best protein that fits your needs.


Last and certainly not least for most guys when it comes to protein selection is price. Of course we all want the best, but ultimately price has to be affordable and fit our budget. Today you can get a straightforward whey protein fairly inexpensively, with most 2-5-pound tubs coming in between $25 and $50.


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