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Green Coffee Bean review


I’m sure you’ve already heard of green coffee bean extract. It’s one of the most popular natural supplements that people are taking as a weight loss aid. Green coffee beans are raw coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. The component of interest is chlorogenic acid which affects metabolism and how the body handles blood sugar, thereby promoting weight loss. Here is my green coffee bean review.

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The roasting process of coffee beans reduces the amount of chlorogenic acid, which is thought to have health benefits for weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, among others. Chlorogenic acid slows the absorption of fat from food, activates metabolism of extra fat, and slows the release of glucose into the body. When shopping for a green coffee bean supplement make sure it contains chlorogenic acid extract, which can be noted as either Svetol® or GCA® (green coffee antioxidant). Also make sure that the capsules contain at least 45% chlorogenic acid, as this is the amount that has been tested in studies that demonstrate weight loss, and make sure that there are no additional filler ingredients.


Research has shown that taking green coffee bean extract daily might cause modest weight loss. The dosage and the period of time required for results will likely vary. Some clinical trials have demonstrated success with 200 mg, however, the common recommended dosage is 400 mg, three times a day, 30 minutes before each meal, for at least 12 weeks.


Green coffee bean will continue to be one of my daily supplements. I followed the recommended dosage of 400 mg, 3 times per day, and after 12 weeks I had lost 5 lbs and saw a decrease in total body fat. My energy levels noticeably increased throughout my day, but especially during workouts.


Green coffee bean supplements are a great option if you’re looking for a little help on your weight loss journey. In addition to helping you shed some pounds, chlorogenic acids have an antioxidant capacity that is more potent than vitamin C! Though green coffee bean supplements have not been shown to cause any negative side effects, green coffee does still contain some caffeine, however it shouldn’t make you nervous or jittery. You’ll see the best results if you combine green coffee bean with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Green coffee bean supplements are not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. I had success with taking the recommended dosage of 400 mg, 3 times per day, but it may take a little trial and error to find the dosage that works best for you. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth a little time and effort for the results!


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