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Fusion Purple-K Reps review


We all have busy lives with various commitments and inconsistent schedules, and it’s just not always possible to get your workout done in the morning or even during your day. Evening or night training is sometimes unavoidable. That’s why I always keep a stimulant-free pre-workout in my supplement arsenal. After a long day you need increased strength, pump and endurance to power through your workout, but you also want to be able to sleep when you put your head down that night. Purple-K Reps may be your solution. Here is my Fusion Purple-K Reps review.

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Purple-K Reps wouldn’t be Purple-K without containing the King of Creatine. Included is 1500 mg of this Kre-Alkalyn buffered creatine monohydrate pH12+ to increase power and performance, and support your muscle and strength gains.

The REPS complex combines beta-alanine (3200 mg), citrulline malate (2250 mg), and Co-enzyme Q10 (30 mg). This blend is designed to boost nitric oxide, increase blood flow and nutrient delivery to the muscles, delay fatigue, and fight lactic acid build-up. The result is bigger pumps, increased power, enhanced muscular energy, and increased endurance.

The Muscular Energy complex combines L-carnitine (1000 mg), a multitude of B vitamins (26.8 mg), chromium (5 mcg), magnesium (9 mg), and zinc (2 mg). These supportive ingredients increase energy by continuing to fuel working muscles.

An absorption initiator (Bioperine, Piper nigrum) is included for enhanced uptake and utilization of ingredients.


Purple-K Reps mixes up fairly well with a lot of good shaking. I followed the suggested dosing of 2 level scoops with 250 mL of water.


I never choose a pre-workout based on how it tastes. That said, Purple-K Reps is ok but not great. Available in grape only, other flavour options would be nice.


Purple-K Reps definitely got me through some tough training sessions. I consistently got the pumps, strength, and endurance that I look for from a pre-workout. Purple-K Reps still gave me energy but it’s obviously different than the energy you get from a pre-workout with caffeine or other CNS stimulant. It was more of a body/muscle endurance boost than a mind/energy boost, if you know what I mean. The good thing was that I never got jitters, never crashed, and could take it any time of the day. However, some days it just wasn’t enough to get me motivated and focused. Purple-K Reps is great for pumps and long-lasting, intense sets. Strength was up, number of reps were up, gains were up.


Fusion Purple-K Reps is a consistent and versatile pre-workout formula. Since it’s stimulant-free, you can take it at any time and not experience jitters, crashing, or restless nights. And if you need that extra boost of energy then it’s super easy to just take a caffeine pill or have a strong cup of coffee. The ingredient complexes in Purple-K Reps are therapeutic doses designed to maximize endurance, support muscular energy levels, and increase explosive strength. If you’re looking for enhanced pumps, the ability to perform longer and heavier sets, and muscle gains, then you should definitely check it out.


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