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Fast Loss Friday: Bulletproof Coffee


Fast Loss Friday: Bulletproof Coffee   fat loss 2    fat loss caffeine Here we go, the alarm goes off and you don’t want to get out of bed. You’re tired you’re groggy, you have no energy, and the last thing you can think of is making breakfast before you have to rush off to your busy day. What if I told you that you could have energy, focus, have breakfast, be burning fat, and be excelling in your life in less than 30 minutes after you wake up in the morning. That secret is the bulletproof coffee. I know you may be a little bit skeptical about adding more fat to your diet, especially if you want to burn fat, but you know what? Its been proven that fat burns fat!

What do I mean fat burns fat…?

I mean if you cut out carbs and ingest more fats, your body will start to burn your own fat off as energy! So what is this bp coffee?

The Bulletproof coffee (bp coffee) evolved from an old Tibetan practice of drinking yak butter tea, also known as “Po Cha”. Dave Asprey, the bulletproof executive, formulated this coffee by using high altitude coffee, mct oil, and grass fed butter.

What is high altitude coffee and why should we use it?

Fast Loss Friday: Bulletproof Coffee   fat loss 2    fat loss caffeine

Black Cat Espresso by Intelligentsia Coffee.

I don’t know if you know this but after coffee beans are picked they are left out to dry. In low altitude areas toxins, mould, and bacteria can attack the coffee bean, and then when we ingest the coffee we are actually ingesting toxins that can slow us down and deteriorate our health. The coffee I use is called Black Cat Espresso by Intelligentsia Coffee. This coffee is single origin and has an altitude of 1150-1700, and tastes amazing! The bulletproof executive, Dave Asprey does make is own coffee and it is awesome as well.

Why should I take mct oil?

If you want to burn fat then mct oil is what you want. When you ingest mct oil, your body absorbs it as fast as sugar. This means that your body uses this fat up for energy at an extremely fast rate. When the mct oil has been used up your body is craving more fats for energy, where is it going to look next? Its going to look right at your mid section and start attacking your body fat and start using it up for energy! To make sure this works properly don’t take mct oil with sugar, because if you ingest too much sugar and mct oil you body will start searching for sugars as energy, and then your body will start burning off your muscles instead of your body fat.

Grassfed butter, in my coffee..? This must be a typo…

No, this is not a typo, and yea I said grassfed butter in your coffee. Why should you do this? Well animals hold toxins in their fat. The theory goes that if an animal is eating grains and getting pumped with hormones, the toxins from that unhealthy animal will be past on to you when you consume their fat. Well grassfed organic pasture raised cows are actually extremely healthy and pass on health benefits through their butter. This grassfed butter contains butyrate which is actually good for you and has many benefits from protecting agains mental illness to reducing negative effects of type-1 diabetes. Furthermore butyrate also acts as an anti-inflammatory. To top it off grassfed butter is rich in nutrients including omega 3s, vitamin A, K, D, E, Antioxidants and CLA. (source http://www.bulletproofexec.com/butter-infographic/)

Ok I get it, this coffee is awesome so how do I make it?

Personally I brew my black cat espresso in a french press for 5 minutes, then pour it into a measuring cup with 2 tablespoons of mct oil and two table spoons of grassfed butter. Then I blend it up with a handheld blender and either pour it in a togo mug or just sit down, kick my feet up, and drink it out of the measuring cup!

Fast Loss Friday: Bulletproof Coffee   fat loss 2    fat loss caffeine

To start off you might want to try 1 tablespoon of mct oil and 1 table spoon of grassfed butter, then work your way up.

For more information google bulletproof coffee. Oh and P.S.,

I’m drinking one right now!






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