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EXT Sports GO review

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EXT Sports GO, a Monumental Muscle Building Pre-Exercise Powder.

One of the most exciting newcomers to the supplement industry is EXT Sports, sponsored by Jay Cutler. Created by BPI Sports, the makers of the hugely popular preworkout supplement 1 MR, as well as BLOX, Super Pro, A-HD and many other high-quality supplements. With DMAA banned in North America, many people are looking for the next big thing in terms of pre-workout formula, and EXT Sports GO claims to be the new generation of pre-workouts, being ‘Monumental Muscle Building Pre-Exercise Powder’.


Ingredient Profile

EXT Sports GO focuses on ‘building muscle’ rather than just ‘increasing energy.” But when you look at the ingredient profile you can see that energy is a big component in GO. It is a concentrated pre-workout with 5 grams per serving, but it is swift acting, with the effects immediately felt after consumption. Beta-alanine, caffeine and l-citrulline provide a constant flow of energy. Ingredients like creatine monohydrate and glycine assist in performance and getting size. I At the equivalent of three cups of coffee per serve, the caffeine content in EXT Sports GO looks like it will give you plenty of energy. Let’s take a deeper look into the ingredients:

  • Creatine Monohydrate - It’s the main ingredient in the 3.6 gram GO Matrix proprietary blend. Assuming it’s included at between 2-3 grams, creatine monohydrate is one of the basic research-proven ingredients to help you perform.
  • Glycine - One of the non-essential amino acids, glycine performs a number of tasks, including enhancing nervous system function, supplying muscles with glucose (energy) and increases the muscle’s creatine levels.
  • Beta-Alanine - Another heavily research-supported ingredient, beta-alanine assists with reducing lactic acid build up in muscles, increasing strength and endurance.
  • Caffeine - Everyone knows about the effects of caffeine on athletic performance – better endurance, more energy, less pain and better performance. At approximately 300mg/serve this is one of the most caffeinated pre-workouts you will find.
  • L-Citrulline - Probably the most important ingredient for creating the ‘pump, by allowing the body to produce arginine which creates more nitric oxide and increased bloodflow. This makes muscles look and feel fuller, and delivers nutrients to muscle cells faster.
  • Ceylon leadwort, Psoralea, Orris, and Glutamine

We elaborated on the 5 main ingredients, but the other four are all included for a reason, and are all beneficial to a strong, productive workout. The only concern is that all these ingredients fit into a 3.6g blend, so they may not be included at high enough doses. You would have to ask EXT Sports for that. And due to the caffeine content, you shouldn’t be taking any more than one scoop. As long as you are supplementing with other products, such as a during-workout or post-workout, you will probably get most of these ingredients at high enough doses, and you can use GO as an energy and focus booster.

EXT Sports GO review   pre workout supplement reviews    supplements canada preworkout supplement ext sports go ext go


One scoop of GO with 6-8 oz of water mixed flawlessly and tasted awesome. We love all four flavors – Blue Ras, Fruit Punch, Grape Bubblegum, and Watermelon – but especially Fruit Punch and Watermelon!



EXT Sports GO looks to be one of the more powerful pre-workout supplements available on the market. The price/cost per serving is slightly more reasonable than its brother 1MR as GO has 30 servings as opposed to 1MR’s 28. But it’s a bit on the expensive side, as it costs roughly $1.50 per serving, whereas Craze goes for $1/serving. That said, there is no question that GO is designed to help you go all the way while boosting your performance and energy during training. This is certainly going to rank as one of the strongest energy and performance boosters you can find, and with Jay Cutler’s name behind it, look for more EXT Sports products to be hitting the shelves soon.


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