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Creatine Mythbusters Part 1: Creatine Causes Muscle Cramps


Creatine Mythbusters Part 1: Have you ever heard anyone say that creatine causes muscle cramps? Here are the facts:

Many studies have been performed on the effects of creatine, and most of these studies involved megadosing, yet they still don’t point to any muscle cramping. In one popular study, the myth of muscle cramping was put to rest in the most convincing of ways.

Creatine Mythbusters Part 1: Creatine Causes Muscle Cramps   knowledge    A three-year study was done on Division IA NCAA football players in which players received either a creatine-containing or a non-creatine supplement following workouts and practices. Those that took creatine were given 15.75 grams for five days, and then continued with five grams per day thereafter for the entire football season. After every game and practice, players had to rate the status of their health in relation to the following categories: cramping, heat/dehydration, muscle tightness, muscle strains/pulls, non-contact joint injuries, contact injuries, illness, number of missed practices/games, and number of treated injuries.

After all data was collected over all three seasons, there were no significant differences in the percentages of each category mentioned between the creatine group and the non-creatine group. In fact, there were actually lower rates of muscle cramping associated with the group supplementing with creatine!


Original article written by PhD Don Gauvreau and published by Muscle Insider, Overhauling Issue. Bold and Italic ours. 



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