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Carbs Before a Workout!?


Carbs Before a Workout!?   supplements    supplements canada carbs carbohydrates Many of you no doubt eat a meal including a substantial amount of carbs before a workout. But some say carbs before a workout hinders fat loss. ¬†Well, the question for those that say that would be, what are you trying to do, gain muscle or lost fat? What do you think Hidetada Yamaguchi, Team Gaspari IFBB Pro, (2013 IFBB Arnold Classic 5th) would say in response to that? Let’s hear him as he addresses these questions. In his own words below:

“I need carbs before workouts. If I don’t eat them in my preworkout meal, I look and feel flat and I can’t get a pump. Not only do I have them in my meal an hour or two before the workout, but during the workout I either use SizeOn Maximum Performance or I mix in the new carb product GlycoFuse into my AminoLast. I drink these during and also after the workout.”

“You shouldn’t be doing your weight training to lose fat anyway. That’s what cardio is for! I feel I burn the most fat when I do cardio on an empty stomach. If you have to do it right after weights, that works too because the weight workout burned up all the carbs you ate before training. If that’s when you do your cardio, just have an amino acid drink without carbs like Aminolast while you train, and save any type of shake with carbs until right after your cardio is done.”

Carbs Before a Workout!?   supplements    supplements canada carbs carbohydrates


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