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BPI Leucine Agma pH review


I was on the hunt for a new stimulant-free pump product and came across Leucine Agma pH by BPI Sports. Formulated for anabolic activity, nitric oxide synthase, and increased pumps, Leucine Agma pH is designed to build muscle, enhance performance, increase strength, and support recovery. Here is my BPI Leucine Agma pH review.

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There are 2 main ingredients in Leucine Agma pH: Leucine and Agmatine. Both are provided using pH-Sorb Buffering Technology which is a pH balanced alkaline system designed to affect acidity levels during metabolism for optimal nutrient uptake and utilization.

Leucine, in the form of L-leucine and leucine HCl, is a branched chain amino acid. It is essential which means the body can’t synthesize it so it must be acquired through diet. Leucine helps preserve muscle tissue and stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

Agmatine, in the form of agmatine sulfate, is an analog of arginine that shows even greater potential for nitric oxide synthase.


Leucine Agma pH mixed up well in approximately 6 ounces of water as suggested.


I’m not usually a fan of ‘fruit…’ flavours but since fruit smoothie is the only option for Leucine Agma pH I had to suck it up in order to try this product. No regrets. The taste is quite good.


The results exceeded my expectations. I had crazy powerful pumps during every workout. I used it for all training sessions, weights and boxing, and it worked well every time. My recoveries were greatly improved as well. Not only having the extra leucine (outside of my regular BCAA supplement) but taking it in the pH buffered form seems like the way to go. My muscles seemed to soak it all up very effectively. Using this supplement pre-workout definitely helped me preserve muscle tissue as well as gain. I didn’t experienced any negative side-effects from Leucine Agma pH.


Leucine Agma pH is a must-try supplement! It’ll give your muscles an amazing boost and power you through even the toughest workout. The pumps are intense and long-lasting. Your muscles will feel insane. You will have a great workout even without stimulants. I’ve always been a huge fan of BCAAs, heavy on the leucine, and the pH buffered form has given me the best results so far. BPI Leucine Agma pH combines 2 of the best ingredients using highly effective technology for results that are hard to beat!


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