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BPI BLOX review


BPI BLOX review   bcaa supplement reviews    supplement reviews supplement review bpi sports bpi blox Well I finished my bottle of Gaspari’s Aminolast, and was checking out some other BCAA products to see what was out there and came across BPI Blox. Blox contains a new ingredient out on the market SAA or Silk Amino Acids. I’ve read a little about then and figured why not give it a shot to see how it really works.

Ingredient Profile

Blox contains 3,960mg of SAA per 5g scoop. Now SAA are a chain of eighteen plus amino acids but it’s mainly consist of five amino acids : alanine, glycine, serine, valine, and threonine. SAA help increase lean muscle mass, increase stamina and also help promote higher testosterone levels. Blox can be taken pre, intra or post workout and on non training day to be taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. There are 30 servings per container.


Blox comes in 4 different flavours: Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Blue raspberry, and Lemonade. I picked up the Fruit Punch and it does taste great no complaints here. A few of my friends have tried the Watermelon and Lemonade, both loved those as well.


Mixes great one 5g scoop in 8oz of water pre, intra or post workout. I use more water only because I take mine during my workout and I would be done 8oz of water very quick lol.


With Blox I did notice that my stamina was great throughout my intense workouts, my rest times between sets were very minimal. I’m not sure if I have noticed much of the increased testosterone levels yet. I did notice that I was able to stay stronger throughout my workouts as well, so I might have added a little muscle mass as well.


I’m not sure if I’m 100% sold on Silk Amino Acids yet, I’m only half way through my Blox container so I will be using the full tub to see if it can persuade me to switch over from BCAA’s. Overall I think it is a good product for helping you be more productive in the gym  i.e less fatigue throughout your workouts, giving you the ability to push harder for a longer period of time. If you want to give BPI Blox a try go check it out on this supplement site. Thanks for reading my BPI BLOX review.


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