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BNRG Power Crunch Bars Review


BNRG Power Crunch Bars Review   whey protein    supplement reviews power crunch bnrg Not to often do I consume protein bars, and rarely do I enjoy them. I typically find them either too sweet, too chewy to the point where it’s almost inedible, or just flat out taste awful. A friend gave me a BNRG Power Crunch Bar to try, needless to say I was not to thrilled about trying it so I left it on the counter for a few days. After a workout one day I wanted a little extra protein boost so I decided I would try out this bar… And wow was it good! Enough Rambling, here’s my review:


Ingredient Profile – 9/10

Proto Whey (Hyrdolyzed whey protein, whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate)- Great blend of fast absorbing proteins to help aid muscle recovery quickly. Also rare to see a protein bar that does not have soy protein in it. Thats mostly it, the 12g of fat in the bar are coming from: palm oil, palm kernel oil, soy letcithin Also only 5g of sugar per bar, very low for any protein bar. Also no Sugar Alcohols in it, which most other bars are loaded with.


Taste -10/10

Best tasting protein bar I have tried hands down! Very light crème filled wafer bar, goes down very easy, doesn’t bloat me at all which I find some bars do. Since it has the Proto Whey in it, I find it digest very fell and fast for me. Has just the right balance of sweetness, not too overpowering like a candy bar.  No bad after taste, not dry like others and has a creamy protein filling. These Bars come in 6 different flavours: Triple Chocolate, French Vanilla Crème, Peanut Butter Crème, Peanut Butter Fudge, Cookies & Crème and Wild Berry Crème. I have tried the Triple Chocolate and French Vanilla Crème both are delicious looking forward to trying the others!


Effectiveness – 9/10

These bars are great for a snack in-between meals, pre and post workout or if your craving something sweet this is the perfect replacement instead of having some junk food. I like to have these right before I go workout since it has the Proto Whey since it is very Bio-available and fast digesting, which will allow my body to stay anabolic throughout my workout.


Overall – 9/10

Like I said I rarely if ever eat protein bars, but these have changed my opinion. I keep a box in my house now. Perfect to kill any craving I have for something sweet, grab one of these and I’m good to go. It’s rare to find a bar with a great taste that’s so low in sugar, it’s hard to believe there is only 5g of sugar per bar they are that good! For me not having soy is huge, I retain quite a bit of water if I have any soy in my diet, so to have that replaced with great quality protein such as Proto Whey makes it an easy choice for me to buy these. If you’re interested in trying BNRG Power Crunch bars out check out Supplements Canada website and grab a box!


Reviewed by: Gerrit Van Zeist - Supplements Fuel contributing writer


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