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Allmax Omega 3 Review


Allmax Omega 3 Review   reviews    supplements review fish oil allmax omega 3 I admit it – Omega 3 supplements are a dime a dozen, so it can be difficult to find something that really blows everything out of the water. And to be honest, I didn’t see the great need for me to consider omega supplementation. I mean, fish has been a regular part of my diet all my life. And I take vitamins as well.  So why did I start taking Omega 3? I have a number of reasons but the primary one is because my doctor told me that I lack good cholesterol and encouraged me to take omega 3 fatty acids and eat deep water fish. So I found a good deal online and got myself 2 bottles of Allmax Omega 3 fatty acids. Having finished the first bottle, I want to share my Allmax Omega 3 review with you all.

Ingredient Profile – 8.5 / 10

Allmax Omega 3 Review   reviews    supplements review fish oil allmax omega 3 Here is the ingredient label Allmax put together. Each capsule provides 1000 mg of fish oil, which I think is pretty solid. And this fish oil is in a ultra-pure cold-water concentrate form using the Molecular Level Distillation method. This is known to be the only way that can remove heavy metals such as mercury and lead, PCB’s and other toxic chemicals to below detectable limits for human consumption. So the folks at Allmax know what they are doing. As regards EPA and DHA, it has an ideal ratio. Other fish oil products – from NOW and ON – carry the same amount and ratio of EPA and DHA. So no surprise here.

Dosing – 10/10

Allmax Omega 3 Review   reviews    supplements review fish oil allmax omega 3

Smooth and easy-to-swallow enteric coating.

Allmax Omega 3 contains 180 softgels, and Allmax Nutrition recommends that you take 2-3 softgels every day. I took 2 softgels daily – 1 in the morning and another in the evening. The softgel’s size is right, and it has smooth enteric coating without rough spots, which made it so easy to swallow. And I think that’s where this Allmax product shines. There was no fish taste or aftertaste, and I experienced no burping – none. Granted, I don’t mind fish smell, but I am not a fan of taking it in a liquid form as I find it pretty gross.

Effectiveness 9.5 / 10

You probably don’t need me to tell you that extensive studies have been done to prove Omega 3 fatty acids’ effects on brain health and general brain and cognitive function. I am in a more positive mood and I enjoy more mental clarity in the morning. I started taking one softgel a few hours before I go to bed and one tablet of melatonin just before bedtime, and ever since then I sleep well and wake up with feeling refreshed most of the time. And I can function well without a cup of coffee, too. Omega 3 has also improved my skins from the inside out. I had a very dry skin on my face, but after a month of taking Omega 3 fatty acids, it’s gotten much better and I certainly look healthier. It’s not easy to quantify effectiveness of omega 3 fatty acids like weight gainers and protein supplements. But I notice improvement in 2 things as I mentioned – brain function and facial skin.

Overall – 9.3 / 10

Allmax Omega 3 has 1000mg of fish oil and an ideal ratio of EFA and DHA in a softgel, it is easy to swallow as the softgel has no fishy smell. It supports brain function along with many other things I didn’t mention in this review:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce triglycerides
  • Reduce the chance of abnormal heart rhythm
  • Reduce the likelihood of heart stroke
  • Improves cardiovascular health

Please keep in mind that medical professionals warn against taking more than 3000 mg (3g) of fish oil daily as it may compromise your immune function. Taking the Allmax Omega 3 shouldn’t pose any problem, though.

Got opinions? Feel free to let me know what you think about the Allmax Omega 3.


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