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Allmax Hexapro review


Allmax Hexapro review   reviews    hexapro reviews allmax hexapro Hope all of you had a great weekend! Here is my supplement review of Allmax Hexapro. Hexapro is a mulit-blend protein which can be used as a meal replacement. Before I move on with the Allmax Hexapro review, 3 things that make Hexapro stand out.

  1. 6 ultra-high quality time-release proteins
  2. 5 amino acid blend to enhance recovery
  3. great taste

Ingredient Profile – 9.5 / 10

First off, let’s break down the 6 protein blends highly spoken off here:

  1. Whey Protein Concentrate: It’s regarded by many to be the most efficient protein for the body. WPC is easily absorbed by the body and provides a quick flush of amino acids into the bloodstream. Allmax made sure that WPC gets cold-temperature processed.
  2. Milk Protein Concentrate: MPC contains both casein and whey protein, meaning that it assists you in digesting it slowly and getting a nice and steady flow of amino acids.
  3. Whey Protein Isolate: WPI is essentially the best post-workout protein available due to being extremely absorbable. And it’s virtually lactose-free!
  4. Micellar Casein: If you want a steady stream of amino acids, MC is it. MC causes the timed-release effect of amino acids into the body that can last up to 7 hours.
  5. Egg Albumin: Egg Albumin is found in body fluids and tissues of animals, and often called ‘egg white’ found in eggs. It’s water soluble and when consumed can be easily broken down in your digestive system. In other words, EA is a valuable nutrient helping your body repair and replace tissues quickly.
  6. Hydrolyzed Whey: HW refers to whey protein that is broken down into smaller chains called peptides. It is easy digest and delivers nutrients to your muscles quickly following a workout.
Allmax Hexapro review   reviews    hexapro reviews allmax hexapro One thing to look for in any whey protein is whether it’s processed in cold temperature. Allmax Nutrition shines in this area, because they make sure all whey proteins are cold-temperature processed, thus limiting the breakdown of the protein.
In regards to the Property blends, Allmax Nutrition has:
  • AminoPlex – which lists the BCAA in the product, but does not break down how much of each.
  • Lipid Fuel – Contains a list of the good fats the product provides, but does not disclosure the amount for each product.

And here are a few ingredients which I think are definitely worth mentioning:

  • Sunflower Oil – cardiovascular health benefits; high in the essential vitamin E; low in saturated fat.
  • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid ) – are a family of at least 28 isomers of linoleic acid found mainly in the meat and dairy products: the effects of CLA on body composition is a healthy effect helps the body burn more calories than fat mass which may help to increase resting metabolic rate.


Mixability – 9 / 10

I was pleasantly surprised that Hexapro mixed excellent in water, although it gets thicker with milk. You don’t encounter a lot of multi-blends that does not require a blender, but if you shake well, you don’t need a blender for Hexapro. However, I see almost always a little residue on the sides of the shaker cup I use. This is not unusual – it’s powder after all!

Taste – 9.5 / 10

I preferred the chocolate flavour to the vanilla. I love it when I mix the Chocolate Milkshake flavour with some ice and get the chocolate ice cream taste.

Effectiveness – 9.5 / 10

Make no mistake about it, it is a very high quality protein. I used it as a meal replacement most of the time, and it performed like it should as it kept me full and satisfied for at least 3 hours between  meals. The label says it has 4 grams of fat but 3g is mono-unsaturated from healthy oils. It even has 4g of fiber, which did help in slowing the digestion.

Overall – 9.5 / 10

Again, this is a very high quality protein, using the right process and ingredient profile. It’s reasonably priced, too. I hope Allmax doesn’t raise the price like all the rest of the proteins for the past few years. It’s a multi-faceted protein blends that you don’t have to think about what time of day to take this in, except for pre- and post-workout where you would be better off with a whey or hydrolyzed protein. I wholeheartedly recommend this multi-blend protein to anyone.


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