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Advanced Genetics F-10 review


Losing body fat requires a balanced diet and a proper exercise routine. Best results happen when you’re dedicated, determined and consistant with both. Of course there are times when we need a little extra help to get the ball rolling, break the plateau, or get the last few pounds off. My Advanced Genetics F-10 review shows you a product designed to:

  • Increase abdominal fat loss by 298%!
  • Increase resting metabolic rate by 11%!
  • Crush appetite and cravings!

Ingredient Profile – 10/10Advanced Genetics F 10 review   reviews fat burner reviews

The combined ingredients in the F-10 fat incinerator formula are designed to burn fat fast! Quercetin and green tea are potent anti-oxidants that increase thermogenesis, energy and fat oxidation. Caffeine, N-Methyl-Beta-Phenylethylamine and Hordenine HCL work to ignite norepinephrine, adrenaline and increase cAMP. These changes increase blood flow, release stored glucose, increase your energy and activate your metabolism. The raspberry keytones will suppress your appetite and help speed up lipolysis. Sweet red pepper extract will also suppress your appetite, in addition to raising your internal body heat. Coleus Forskohlii helps boost cAMP and also optimizes thyroid production.

Dosing – 9/10

Suggested use: take 1-2 capsules 1-2 times per day. For maximum results, take 2 capsules first thing in the morning and 2 capsules before exercise (or mid-afternoon). Start with 1 capsule twice per day to assess your tolerance. F-10 should be taken on an empty stomach or immediately before eating for best results. F-10 can be taken every day for up to 12 weeks. After that time take 2-3 weeks off from any stimulant.

F-10 can be taken 30 minutes prior to cardiovascular or anaerobic activity. It can also be taken on non-training days first thing in the AM and early in the afternoon to keep your metabolism working in overdrive!

Effectiveness – 9.5/10

The results I felt and saw while taking F-10 were great! I started with 1 capsule twice a day for the first 3 days. I took the first one as soon as I got up in the morning, and the second one around 4 pm. I didn’t want to take the second dose too late so that I could still sleep at night, and I kept the same times on training and non-training days to be consistant. I experienced more energy, focus and concentration from the first dose on. Starting on day 4, I bumped it up to 2 capsules twice a day, and this was perfect! The stimulants used are very clean, and didn’t cause nervousness or jitters, or sweats, even at the maximum dose. F-10 provided me with the mental boost to get through each day in what could be described as a mild euphoria. My food cravings decreased, and I was satisfied by appropriate portions of healthful foods. I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose. My goals were to trim up a little (especially the abdominal area), feel more energized, and get a better handle on my cravings. I deem this a success!

Overall – 9.5/10

If you are new to fat burners, or  haven’t tried Advanced Genetics F-10, I strongly recommend it! Their natural ingredient combination provides your body with added tools to increase your metabolism, burn off excess fat, and get you through your days with more energy and focus. Advanced Genetics F-10 will help curb your cravings and suppress your appetite, supporting you on your weight loss journey.


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