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5 Reasons You Must Train Your Legs


There are many reasons why men don’t train their legs. Just to quote the words of some men:

“Men are visual creatures. Theres nothing visually exciting about legs.”

“Because real leg training is hard and doesn’t involve the mirror muscles.”

“I just want to focus on my upper body physique.”

And here’s a funny one.

“Girls don’t look at them.”

Well, if you thought that last one, you’re wrong, because they do look at the legs. But you don’t train legs just because you want to impress girls. There are deeper and more appropriate reasons why you must train your legs. Here are 5 reasons to train them.

5 Reasons You Must Train Your Legs    training    Training legs

Reason #1: It stimulate growth in the upper body

Compound lower body exercises such as squats and dead-lifts increase the production and release of natural growth hormone (GH) and testosterone. The release of these into your bloodstream not only targets and assists your leg muscles, as your upper body and core will also gain an even greater strength.

Reason #2: Enhances your general lower body health

You may not realize this facet as being essential if you are young, but the older you become, the more and more important leg training becomes. Why? Because leg training can stimulate bone re-calcification, enhanced tendon and ligament durability and overall joint strengthening.

Reason #3: Enhances your body’s ability at burning calories

The muscles of the legs are the largest muscles of the body. Moving big muscles requires big energy, which in turn necessitates greater calorie expenditure. Also, your legs are the area most frequently utilized during cardiovascular exercise. Therefore, if you increase the size and strength of your legs, you create a twofold effect, whereby you are not only increasing your body’s ability to burn calories but also a more efficient body to power your workouts.

Reason #4: Creates equilibrium between your upper and lower body

5 Reasons You Must Train Your Legs    training    Training legs Remember Johnny Bravo? He’s a cartoon character, but it’s a good example of how ridiculous you would look if you have a muscular upper body and core with a pair of noodle legs! Not impressive. It creates a half finished look and a mismatched body shape which won’t win you any votes with the serious gym users or woman you’re trying to impress.

Reason #5: Improves your chosen sport

If like many gym users you utilize the gym to supplement and enhance your fitness for a chosen sport then you will agree with this simple statement; almost all sports require you to use your legs to a degree. For some sports this is obvious while others their uses become more subtle. So it’s a must!


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